ELwaha G-RP + Additives

ELwaha G-RP + Additives


GRP + additive
-Phosphate one of the top 3 nutrients of the total 17 nutrients group.
-Phosphorus is presented in plants and animals cells.
-Essential to all plants for harvesting the sun’s energy and converting it into growth and reproduction. In plants, also P is an essential part of sugar phosphates.
– Accordingly we developed our GRP to add additives to approach our client’s soil needs.
– GRP + additive can be handled easily compared to organic fertilizers.
– Can be applied directly to the soil or blended with other fertilizers to increase N, K, S, Zn, Mg, etc….
– Applicable for all types of crops & soils.
– Along with our GRP + additive benefits we can also add biological agent substances.
– Granules forms make it spreadable very easily.
– Since not all plants have the same nutritional needs, we produce GRP + additive fertilizers with different compositions.

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