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Message from the Chairman & Managing Director

Dear Valued Shareholders,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, it gives me great pleasure to present the achievements of last year and the success of our company that ended on a great milestone.

EL WAHA has succeeded to penetrate several new markets in South East Asia and Africa; we also increased our market share in our longstanding ongoing markets too.

A significant milestone worth mentioning; is our success to secure and outsource fertilizers from reputable Egyptian manufacturers that can be introduced to EU market with REACH certificates.

Our strategy for the coming year is vibrant to penetrate Latin America and EU markets.

A major leap for EL WAHA as one of the major exporters of minerals and fertilizers lead to position the company to several activities (chain of activities/processes) and we intend to direct holistically in all those segments/services. Thus we aim to cater to B2B as well as B2C customers. Our partners will appreciate the logistics approach as a method to meet all the storage and delivery needs of our customers in a timely manner.

I assure our shareholders of our continuous strive for delivering sustainable growth by investing in the future, in doing so we have commenced the construction of our fertilizer facility opposite Sokhna port on the Red Sea and expected to begin production by end of Oct. 2018.

I would like to thank EL WAHA management and associates for their achievements and looking forward for the year ahead.

Finally, EL WAHA will provide leverage for the business and position itself as the MINERALS & FERTILIZERS PARTNER OF CHOICE in Egypt.

Best regards,


Chairman & Managing Director

Cairo, 1st. November 2017

Chairman & Managing Director HISTORY

EL WAHA Holding benefits greatly from Mr. Ahmed EL Maadawy’s expertise in the international markets, which includes exposure to international trade conferences, technical workshops and exhibitions in six continents as well as excellent business relationships with leading international counterparts.


EL WAHA Holding and its subsidiaries aim at playing a leading role in the underdeveloped and emerging markets for Minerals & Fertilizers, while realizing the maximum potential from each project for the collective benefit of partners, customers, and the stakeholders. The ability to focus on specific markets, along with well-balanced management geared towards minimizing risk, forms the cornerstone of the company’s success, while its skilled management and experienced personnel have made it a leading regional exports company.

EL WAHA’s dynamic approach and state-of-the-art financing methods have placed it at the forefront of the exportation and production of Minerals & Fertilizers development globally.

About El Waha

EL WAHA is a regional player in the Minerals & Fertilizers sector, founded by Mr. Ahmed EL MAADAWY in 2005 an entrepreneur and a leading figure with a worldwide exposure.

EL WAHA has positioned itself as a fully fledged prominent Minerals & Fertilizers Production and Exportation player in South East Asia, East Asia, East and West Africa.

EL WAHA is the Holding Company for a group of subsidiary companies that complement with the core business of the Holding Company.

EL WAHA and its subsidiaries own and operate various large-scale logistical operations, and enjoy a long history of skilled management, expertise, and professionalism.

EL WAHA and its subsidiaries are active in all aspects of the global supply chain of Rock phosphate, minerals and fertilizers business, including but not limited to mineral processing, analysis, logistics, container booking and chartering bulk vessels all of which primarily take  place in the busy route of the Suez Canal the hub for Africa, Asia, USA and Europe.

EL WAHA’s business philosophy is founded on high-level cooperation with local partners, and the Holding company is known for its ability to form strategic partnerships to pursue new avenues of investment and ventures.

EL WAHA holding and its subsidiaries have strategic worldwide partners in the Minerals & Fertilizers Sector we offer consulting, testing, assessment, planning, and engineering services aimed at providing answers to questions concerning both safety and profitability.


EL WAHA’s business philosophy is founded on high-level cooperation with local partners in each country, and the company is known for its ability to form strategic partnerships which takes into account market conditions while evaluating opportunities to pursue new avenues of venture investments.

Our Philosophy

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate aim and keeping this in mind we strive to exceed their expectations by continuously improving our service level

Our Strength

  • Pro-active Management who believe in innovation and commitment.
  • Professional, dynamic team with a passion to deliver the most superior personalized service to our customers.
  • Competitive rates.
  • On-time Delivery
  • Count on us for Reliability and Flexibility

Our Vision

To become a regional player for minerals and fertilizer trading service provider and to be a trusted partner to our valuable customers


Our Mission

To provide our customers with the highest possible standards and quality services in the minerals and fertilizers market by understanding their requirements and specifications.