EL WAHA a fully fledged Minerals & Fertilizers a player in South East Asia, East Asia, East and West Africa.


About El Waha

EL WAHA prime concern is to minimize any harmful environmental effects from our operations and production. Using highly developed environmental policies and standards, we have implemented several programs whose main goal is to sustain the surrounding ecosystem.
We aim to maintain biodiversity and rehabilitate as much of the surrounding environment as possible with programs specifically geared toward the conservation of water and energy resources, proper waste management, and the management of chemical products. In addition to these programs, we have also implemented anti-pollution measures and have partaken in land and mineral stewardship, as defined by the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM).
At the same time, we strive to adopt newer and more efficient technologies, to modernize our equipment, and to seek new, cleaner, and more responsible ways of operation and production.
EL WAHA has already formed several committees to monitor the sustainability of our environmental practices, and we confer with them periodically.
Environmental monitoring works being carried out are regulated by provisions of the Egyptian Environment Affairs Agency EEAA and the international conventions covering offshore and onshore protection of environment (Oslo-Paris Convention).


Our Philosophy

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate aim and keeping this in mind we strive to exceed their expectations by continuously improving our service level.

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EL WAHA Markets

EL Waha core business is exporting Rock Phosphate and Fertilizers to the international markets.

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